You Are Enough

You already have the ability to manage your career and personal finances. You just need someone to empower you. Meredith Foxx Services creates space for you to develop your future and accomplish your career and financial goals.

Hi! My name is Meredith Foxx

Meredith Foxx Career Coach

I believe in your career and financial success.

You have the career, you have the income, but you don’t feel empowered to manage your career and finances. I want you to learn how to find financial freedom and rise to your full potential. With your drive and my expertise, we can implement career and money management techniques into your life that help you crush your goals and build wealth for years to come.

Let’s create space for you to find financial and career success. Check out my free resources and let’s start working together.

What You’ll Build

Your Career

How to Interview
Preparing Your Resume
Negotiating What You Deserve
Embracing Your Influence

Your Finances

Building a Budget
Sticking to Your Budget Goals
Investing for Your Future

Opinions Matter

Read reviews from previous clients.



Meredith was absolutely great to practice interviewing with.

She is very professional and highly experienced in interviewing. Her feedback is very useful, and she pushes you in a friendly way to really get you to improve. I highly recommend her!



She was very helpful and nice.
A real confidence booster-I feel more prepared for my interviews now, and feel like I have a plan!



Meredith is outstanding in the interview space.

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